Turf plays a very important role in the landscape and the environment. There are approximately 80 million home lawns in the U.S.today accounting for approximately 46.5 million acres. Excessive watering, pesticide addicted, fungicide laden lawns are thought to be destroying the environment. Environmental extremists believe getting rid of turf grass will save the planet. Turf is much more beneficial than most could ever imagine.

An organic turf actually has many benefits. Once again with proper ph, good soil and sound organic maintenance practices a lawn gives much more to the environment than most would ever imagine. Watering turf is cyclical. Water transpires into the atmosphere and comes down in the form of rainfall. Plants and turf purify this water as it transpires and turns into pure, clean vapor. Water is also absorbed and replenishes the aquifer. The same water landing on concrete or black top just runs off. Turf grass is one of the softest and safest play surfaces. Turf stabilizes the landscape, reducing runoff and soil erosion. Turf is also the densest ground cover per square inch. Turfs cooling effects according to the EPA are notable. Lawns are 30 degrees cooler than asphalt and 14 degrees cooler than bare soil on average. “How much more energy would we use to cool our homes if it weren’t for turf?” Turf properly incorporated into the landscape creates a harmonious transition from the man-made to the natural environment.