Wind, wind shears, microbursts, hurricanes, snow, ice and more. 2020 has seen no shortage of debris strewn properties, downed trees, downed power lines, damage to homes and vehicles. Proper landscape maintenance, tree care and pruning can significantly reduce the risk of property damage during a storm.

One tree limb totaled a car in front of a home, another tree fell from a neighboring property onto a roof, another dead tree took down power lines. Multiple trees fell across driveways, destroyed fences, entrances and gates. A large maple split crashing thru a master bedroom window causing additional damage to the roof and siding. Fortunately in all these instances no one was injured.

Now is a great time to clean up the cumulative storm damage in the landscape. Clean up wooded areas, remove invasive Barberry, Climbing Roses, Bittersweet Vine, Grape Vine and Porcelain Vine. Existing trees should be inspected and safety pruning should be performed. Wood can be removed or split for use in a fire pit, fireplace, or wood stove.

Preventative maintenance can be done in stages “safety first” and the rest as the budget allows. The first phase of tree maintenance should be to protect the home and accessory buildings. Driveway and entrance areas must remain passable for first responders. In the event of an extended power outage access will be needed to evacuate or refuel generators. Perimeter areas and cosmetic clean up can be maintained as your budget allows.

Trees and seasonal weather patterns are an integral part of our beautiful landscape in the northeast. Plan ahead and stay safe.