Tree Care

Organic Tree Care

The loss of just one tree due to negligence can often have a huge impact on the aesthetics, immediate environment and value of your home. We offer a full suite of organic tree care services that will help protect your long-term investment.

Tree Care Services


A healthy tree is much less susceptible to disease and pest attack, and a key component to tree and shrub health is fungally active soil. Beneficial fungi protect woody plants by augmenting healthy soil biology, producing anti-pathogens, dominating disease organisms, and providing nutrients and water. Trees also respond especially well to nitrogen, and may benefit from a soil amendment and root fertilization to keep them at their best. When fertilization is necessary, we use only Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) approved products for our tree care.

Air Spading

The majority of tree health problems can be traced the roots. When necessary, the trick to gaining access to the root system of a tree without damaging the roots and the ultimate health of the tree is air spading.

An air spade is like a pressure washer that uses air instead of water — a high pressure stream of air is funneled through a small nozzle breaking apart compacted soil. Using air to excavate soil ensures that even the most delicate root hairs and any underground pipes or hard surfaces are not damaged.

Among the beneficial uses of the air spade are:

Vertical mulching
Root tissue investigation
Root flare excavation
Bare rooting
Radial trenching
Locating roots for sprinkler system installation
Locating roots for pruning

Disease & Pest Control

Trees and shrubs are prone to seasonal scourge and disease, and require a trained eye for root causes. The trick is to assess the environment to encourage beneficial predators, while keeping undesirable pests and disease at bay. With the use of holistic organic planning, and when necessary, organic products that are environmentally safe, we can help ensure the best possible outcome for your woody plants.

Fruit Tree Spraying

We love the taste of tree-ripened fruit … so do a whole bunch of bugs. The soil aside, our organic spray approach to pest and disease control for fruit trees is essentially two-fold: 1) preventative spray to promote and support the tree’s defenses and immune system 2) sprays timed to the ever-changing phenology of the tree. As always, a surrounding organic landscape that is inviting to beneficial insects and birds is key.

Trimming & Pruning

Proper tree and shrub pruning promotes plant health, directs growth, maintains or creates shapes, produces more fruit or flowers and keeps a property safe. Knowing when and how to prune different varieties of woody plants and trees, understanding bud growth and using the right tools, are all essential to maintaining healthy growth. We understand the science and appreciate the art of trimming and pruning, while keeping the entire ecosystem in mind.

Cabling & Bracing

It’s a good idea to have your trees inspected every few years for weak spots that may be susceptible to storms and strong winds. Cabling or bracing, usually in v-shaped crotches of primary branches, will help keep the tree from splitting in violent weather. An ounce of prevention might spare you damage to your home.

Tree Removal

There are many reasons why a tree may need to be removed, and while we prefer to explore all options before doing so, we recognize the need when absolutely necessary. Technical skill, methodology and the right equipment are critical for safe tree removal.

Stump Grinding

After a tree has been removed, you’re usually left with a stump. Besides being unsightly and a potential hazard, honey fungus can grow on rotting wood, spread, and infest other plants and trees in the area. Termites and carpenter ants also find rotting stumps very attractive. Grinding the stump down below grade will ensure that no new shoots appear, and can be easily planted over.

Emergency Storm Damage Cleanup

organic landscape property management removing storm damaged tree westchester ny fairfield county ctWe all know the havoc that accompanies severe weather events like Super Storm Sandy, Hurricane Irene and any number of lesser storms. Felled trees, limbs and branches pose dangerous hazards everywhere. We are on call 24/7 to address immediate storm damage, assess collateral damage and prescribe a course of action after the worst is over.

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