Garden, Grounds & Lawn

Organic Garden, Grounds & Lawn

We provide year-round maintenance services to properties of all sizes, allowing clients to enjoy their grounds during any season. Our methods are sustainable, environmentally friendly and certified organic, ensuring your lawn gets the quality treatment it deserves.

We provide

  • Organic and natural fertilizer & fertilization
  • Irrigation & monitoring
  • Plant health care
  • Organic sprays & pest management, organic foliar sprays
  • Deer control & organic deer repellent sprays
  • Beneficial bacteria
  • Grounds, landscape & lawn maintenance
  • Mowing & de-thatching
  • Grading
  • Overseeding & seeding
  • Edging, weeding, mulch, topsoil, & compost
  • Anti-dessicant sprays
  • Lawn renovation
  • Spring and fall clean up

It's All About the Soil

Every property is a unique ecosystem, but there is one common denominator … the soil. Earthworms, fungi, and bacteria are nature’s aerators and decomposers. Without them, good soil biology and a healthy lawn, trees and plantings simply aren’t possible. Over time, the use of and ultimate dependency on chemical products results in a death spiral to your ecosystem, robbing the soil of its vital, natural nutrients.

Organic lawn and garden care works so well, because it promotes biologically active soil. With healthy soil, you’ll also enjoy increased disease resistance, better weed suppression and improved tolerance to drought … all without the use of harmful chemicals.