Why Use Organic Mulch if the Tree companies offer free wood chips. I don’t recommend the use of wood chips unless composted and the result of work performed at your property. Think about it; why are the trees being cut down. Was it just reduction pruning or are they cutting down diseased trees. Were the trees rotted and infested with Carpenter Ants or Termites? Are you introducing fungus and disease into your landscape?

Wood Chips should be piled and composted before use in the landscape. If you choose to use wood chips from your own property compost them first and don’t use them near your home or other structures. As wood chips decompose further they can be a host for carpenter ants or termites. Wood chips need a nitrogen source to decompose; they steal nitrogen from the soil until decomposition is complete.

Mulch helps moderate soil temperature, retain moisture, reduce erosion, prevent weed growth and it looks nice. A large variety of mulches are available but I highly recommend the use of organic Peet mulch. Peet mulch has been composted at high temperatures eliminating weed seeds. As Peet mulch decomposes it adds valuable nutrients to the soil which are readily available to the plants and trees.