As winter approaches our focus seems to leave the garden and move to other interests. Its time is to prepare the garden for winter while planning for girdling mice, winter desic-cation, winter burn, ice and snow. We only use high quality organic or natural products. These products are made from a variety of herbs, extracts and food based products making them safe for use around children and pets.

Anti-desiccant spray prevents plants from drying out and burning over the winter. It prevents scald, burning and reduces plant loss over the winter. When the ground freezes, plants loose the ability to absorb moisture thru the root system. At the same time plants are losing moisture to the wind and winter sun. If your landscape is prone to deer damage we can provide an anti-desiccant spray with deer repellant.

Remember to clean your gutters. This will reduce water and ice damage. Place stakes or markers along the driveways to protect your lawn and landscape. Avoid using salt and ice melt when possible. Safety first but consider using milorganite on driveway ice or areas that it wont be tracked into the house. This product is a black granular organic fertilizer with an odor that acts as a deer repellant. As it breaks down and washes into lawns and landscapes it will provide beneficial nutrient to surrounding soil. Salt and ice melt products can be extremely harsh on trees and surrounding landscape plants.