Many people ask, “Why prune Apple and Crabapple trees in the winter?” Winter pruning of these trees is a process completed when the trees are dormant. Winter pruning can significantly improve the aesthetics of the tree throughout the seasons. Pruning provides improved branching structure, creating interest and structural integrity. Different pruning methods are available giving your trees a very unique and interesting branching pattern. Pruning also helps prevent the tree from getting too large for its placement in the landscape. Winter pruning will also reduce insect and fungus problems, helping to maintain your landscape organically. Pruning will also prevent alternate year flowering of the trees. Alternate year flowering is when you have one year of heavy flowers followed by a year of minimal bloom. Dormant winter pruning also reduces the release of hormones. This in turn reduces the sprouting
latent buds.

Winter in the garden also consists of additional preparation. An organic foliar spray made from pine pitch is applied to help the plants survive the winter elements. Wind, ice, snow, freezing temperatures and frozen soil all contribute to winter damage. The protective foliar spray helps reduce moisture loss, sunscald and winter burn. It can also reduce insect and fungus damage organically. Feeding trees, shrubs and ornamentals before the ground freezes ensures nutrients for winter root growth and healthy spring foliage.